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Dungeon Package

Need a dirty grungy set with whips and chains? Add a scare to your video with our new dungeon package. Our grunge set has many added props as well as chains that are mounted overhead for a villainous look. Our overhead RGB lights can set the tone with halloween orange lights that highlight the horror and terror in your scene.

Fire Package - $300


Fire Package

Got a hot single? Add some fuel to the fire with our new fire package. Our professionally controlled fire machines spit flames like rappers on a microphone. Our overhead RGB lights can set the tone with pepper red lights that illuminate the smoke and fire in your scene.

Fire Package - $300


Ice Package

Got some cold lyrics? Let your ice hit the light with our new package. Our artificial snow machines can make your scene look colder than a freezer. The overhead RGB lights can set the tone with sub zero blue lights and spotlight your king's chair.

Ice Package - $300


Futuristic Light Cube Package

Cubes are cool, like our futuristic light cube package. Light up your spirit on a swing surrounded by glowing spaceship white lights. The overhead RGB lights can set the tone with blinking or dimming lights.

Light Cube - $300


Rain & Thunder Package

Feelin like Usher? We can make it rain like you want to get that romance back. Our indoor rain machines dispense alkalined water over a colored spotlight for that rainy night effect. The overhead RGB lights can set the tone with flashes that resemble thunder.

Rain Package - $300

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Are you ready to get scared out of your wits? This Halloween, our studio rental hosted an unforgettable scare event that left attendees trembling with fear. From creepy crawlies to spine-tingling sounds, our Halloween event had it all.Guests were greeted by our frighteningly realistic decorations as they walked through the doors. Cobwebs, spiderwebs, and fake blood adorned the walls, and eerie music played in the background. As they walked further into the space, they encountered a variety of creepy creatures, from zombies and ghosts to giant spiders and snakes. OurSEE DETAILS

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Looking for a cutting-edge studio rental that will take your photography or videography projects to the next level? Look no further than the Futuristic Light Cube! This state-of-the-art studio boasts a unique and innovative design that will help you capture stunning, high-quality images and videos.One of the standout features of the Futuristic Light Cube is its removable swing and metal pole. These elements provide endless creative possibilities, allowing you to experiment with dynamic shots that would be difficult to achieve in a traditional studio setting. Whether you’re shooting portraits, fashion,SEE DETAILS

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Fire machines can add an exciting and visually striking element to any music video production. Whether you’re looking to add some heat to a performance or create a dramatic scene, fire machines can help bring your vision to life.If you’re planning to use fire machines in your music video, it’s important to keep safety top of mind. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and have a trained professional operate the fire machine. It’s also a good idea to have a fire extinguisher on hand in case of any emergencies.When choosing aSEE DETAILS

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